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Everyone faces traumatic events during their lives.

Perhaps the loss of loved ones, a serious accident or serious crime.

It's also common in high trauma risk jobs, such as the armed forces, police, fire brigade or healthcare, where Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is more often diagnosed.

Traumatic events may get stuck, deep in your subconscious mind, where emotional memories may fester, causing mental and physical harm.

Symptoms can include anger, sleep difficulties, flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety, depression, difficulty concentrating, isolation or addictions.

You no longer need to be haunted by past memories.

We use powerful techniques that help to desensitise traumatic memories.

You will still remember the event, but the negative emotions will have been removed, as though you had only seen the event on the television.

Our approach is fast. We often achieve significant change in less than one hour, with most clients needing less than six consultations. It is also recognised by the NHS and insurance companies to help people suffering from traumas.

Do you want to be free from traumatic memories? Contact us now.

With the busy lives we lead, people can easily become overwhelmed.

That stress can lead to a additional physical and mental issues.

Our approach can help you to reframe your world

It can help you feel more calm, relaxed and confident in all situations.

Would that work better for you?

Contact us now and let those feelings of anxiety drift away.

The subconscious mind does its best to protect us. But sometimes, if tries to protect us from the wrong things.

Irrational phobias and fears can stop people from living the life they want.

We can help you scare phobias away...

Common phobias include public speaking, spiders, animals (cats, dogs), confined spaces, flying, elevators, open spaces, dentist and doctors.

Whatever your phobia, if you're feeling nervous just thinking about it, we can help.

Contact us now and let those feelings of fear drift away.

People have so many reasons to quit. You may well have a list of great reasons already.

Do you keep trying to stop smoking, with things like Quit 51 and nicorette patches, but finding those attempts fail?

Are you ready to quit smoking for ever, and become a non-smoker?

Our approach uses advanced psychotherapy techniques to tackle the problem at three levels:

1) The nicotine addiction.

2) The psychological addiction, where your subconscious mind thinks it needs the cigarette.

3) The obsessive behavioural pattern, where you just go back for another.

By addressing these three levels, you can find the thought of having another cigarette doesn't even come into your mind.

Contact us now and let those feelings of fear drift away.

Do you find yourself just feeling strong feelings?

Perhaps that huge feeling of anger or jealous just appears from no-where.

It just pops into the conscious mind, and can be so difficult to control.

Our approach works with the sub-conscious mind, which is where the feelings start.

By releasing those sub-conscious tensions, the powerful feelings no longer bubble up inside you.

Contact us now and let the pain go.

Do you find yourself eating more than you should?

Perhaps grabbing snacks, then more snacks, when you don't need them?

We can help you change those patterns

By changing your thinking at a subconscious level, we can help to rebalance your relationship with food.

Contact us now and think yourself thin.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can considerably disrupt day-to-day life.

The NHS acknowledge that hypnotherapy can help calm the symptoms. Studies have even shown a thickening of the stomach wall!

Scientists only recently discovered that the human stomach has about as many neurons ("brain cells") as a cat has in it's brain.

Our approach, using hypnotherapy in Guildford, can help you to relax the thinking in your stomach and in your subconscious.

It can help reducing the number of times you need to make those impromptu toilet stops.

You can live life without an upset body and mind.

Contact us now and feel better.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) can make life very difficult.

By creating conflict within the sub-conscious mind, the importance of everyday things can be escalated to extreme levels.

OCD feelings can be totally overpowering, making life so much harder than it needs to be.

Our techniques can help to calm the sub-conscious mind, helping you think more clearly, and allowing obsessive thoughts to easily drift away.

Contact us now and make your life easier.

Depression is a serious, prolonged, deep sadness.

Sufferers can be left feeling empty, unmotivated and lost.

Our psychotherapy solutions can help to releave the deep sub-conscious feelings, helping you to feel more positive and to enjoy life again.

Contact us now and release that negative feeling.

Insomnia can mean difficulties going to sleep, difficulties staying asleep or interupted sleep.

Insomnia can be caused by conscious and sub-conscious concerns.

Insomnia can mean being tired during the day and can lead to stress, anxiety and depression.

Insomnia can be resolved.

Our psychotherapy solutions can help to calm the mind, so that you can sleep more normally again.

Contact us now and look forward to feeling great in the morning.

Exams are still one of the most commonly used ways of assessing skills and knowledge.

Yet they often create huge amounts of stress, making it harder to learn and harder to recall the information when you need it.

Our techniques can help to calm the mind, removing the feeling of fear, and improving your performance.

Contact us now and make exams so much easier.

To perform at your best, your mind and body have to be working in harmony.

You have to be in the zone.

Increasing numbers of sports people are using our BSI techniques, such as NLP and Hypnotherapy, in order to focus their mind and improve performance.

Do you want to be at your best, more of the time?

Contact us now and find your zone.

Having confidence in life can make such a difference.

It positively changes how we respond to situations and how other people respond to us.

Our approach can help you to gain more confidence, deep within your subconscious mind, to provide that air of ease and natural certainly.

Contact us now and find your inner power.

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