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Help With Negative Thoughts, Feelings and Habits

As a leading therapist in London and Guildford, we can help you to rapidly calm unwanted thoughts, feelings and habits, using an advanced mixture of NLP, clinical hypnotherapy, CBT, EFT and EMDR+.

Would you like to ease your mind?

About Negative Thoughts

Have you found unwanted throughts, feelings or habits keep returning?

Perhaps you know how, why or when they started.

But without the right kind of help, they can be difficult to remove.

They may be causing you increased levels of stress, anxiety or depression.

They may be stopping you from living the life you want.

People come to us when they are ready to release those thoughts.

Time For Change

We excel at quickly calming negative thoughts, feelings and habits.

We won't spend a long time talking about the concern. That often just makes it bigger!

We will use advanced techniques that help to relax the more primative emotional parts of the brain.

Once relaxed, those thoughts no longer need to appear in your conscious mind.

You may be surprised how fast the change can happen.

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Our Therapy

We take pride in being highly skilled, professional, caring and confidential.

We are registered members of the British Psychology Society and the National Society of Psychotherapists.

We will take the time to understand your concerns and provide an appropriate treatment to help you.

Our advanced therapy in London and Surrey can provide fast and long-lasting change.

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Discover the different options you have available to help you succeed. Get honest answers from a leading therapist in London and Guildford.

Learn about our advanced approach.

Discover how our approach may help you even if nothing else has worked in the past. We work at the subconscious level to get results no other therapy can.

Easy, enjoyable conversation.

There's absolutely no pressure or obligation. Our policies, procedures, and recommendations are discussed in a relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere.

Detailed and honest evaluation.

By the end of your consultation, you will know if our approach is right for you in your specific situation and pricing will be detailed. If we each agree to move forward, we'll schedule your first session right on the call.

You have nothing to lose but the problem!

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Our qualifications and locations (London, Surrey).

Our treatments (hypnotherapy, EFT, EMDR, CTB) and fees.

Help for anxiety and stress.

Help for traumas and PTSD.

FreeYourMind.UK provides advanced therapies (NLP, hypnotherapy, CBT, wellbeing, EFT tapping, EMDR+) from London (Harley Street , Bank, Kensington) and Surrey (Guildford, near the University of Surrey, Guildford Cathedral, Guildford high street, G-Live and Guildford train station; Woking and Leatherhead, Epsom, Cobham, Fleet, Farnborough, Camberley, Godalming, Basingstoke, Southampton, Portsmouth, Brighton) to help with stress, anxiety, negative thoughts, bad memories, phobias, smoking and weight loss.